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The five star burgers

It's over. Our year-long search for the UK's best burger has finally come to an end. After 150 burgers and countless episodes of stomach-holding guilt, we've found the country's 15 greatest patty and bun combos. Read all about them below (in chronological order) and make sure you enter our competition to

Choosing a Pet Snake

Snakes are fascinating animals and with regular handling most of them can be quite tame as pets. However, snakes are obviously not the right pets for everyone. They have unique requirements and should only be cared for by those with the commitment and understanding to meet their needs. If you

Creepy Laughing Clown Doll Scares Bear Out Of Stealing Trash

This black bear won’t be targeting a trash can again in a hurry. The animal received a fright when it tried raiding the locked receptacle outside a home in Salem, Virginia, on May 2, reports UPI. As the bear attempted to tip the can over, it activated the laughing mechanism on a creepy

The European Street Food Bucket List

You can get a great feel for a city by its street-food – it’s what you get when you strip away the fancy wallpaper and schmoozy lighting and bustle and lounge music of a restaurant. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and you can eat it on the go, or find somewhere