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Best Street Food In Athens

Sreet food has become very popular these days in Athens. There were always the traditional street food choices  like the Greek souvlaki, cheese pies or koulouri. Recently new shops have opened offering a wide range of food from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Athens and you want to know where to eat like a local, here you will find a list of my favorite places to eat on the road.

Greek Souvlaki at Kostas

You are in Greece so tasting Greek souvlaki is a must. One of my favorites is Kostas just off Mitropoleos street near Syntagma. Kosta’s grandfather opened the shop in 1950 and it has been serving souvlaki ever since. How he makes the souvlaki? With small pieces of pork, tomato, parsley, yoghurt and onion into a pita bread. The shop operates Monday to Saturday from 9am until 14.00 pm. There are many places serving souvlaki in Athens but this is my favorite. Try to avoid the popular places in Monastiraki square that are very touristy.

You will find it Pentelis 5 & Mitropoleos

Greek souvlaki best street food in Athens
Greek souvlaki

Greek pies at Ariston

This traditional bakery serving mostly Greek pies operates since 1906 at the same place near Syntagma Square. It sells a variety of Greek pies, 120 different ones, from regions around Greece. It is famous for the cheese pie called Kourou. Make sure to try one, they make a perfect snack.

You will find it Voulis 10

 Strret Food Ariston Bakery in Athens
Ariston Bakery in Athens
traditional pies at Ariston
traditional pies at Ariston


Traditional Koulouri

You can find stands selling koulouri (rings of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) all over Athens. Apart from the plain one you can taste a variety of flavours like cheese and olives. If you want to taste the best koulouri you can head to Psyri neighbourhood at the traditional bakery called “To koulouri tou Psyri” that  operates in the area since 1960. This bakery supplies most of the stands in Athens area. You should give it a try since it’s  avery healthy and tasty snack.

You will find it Karaiskaki 23

to koulouri tou Psyrri Athensto koulouri tou Psyrri Athens

Koulouri stand
Koulouri stand

Falafel at Falafellas

Falafellas is a shop selling Falafel near Monastiraki square. It is very popular and very crowded especially on Saturdays. At Falafellas they serve their falafels (made from chick peas) in 2 sizes, pocket and giant. They come with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, aubergine, tomato sauce and yoghurt sauce. The menu also includes some salads. It is worth standing in line the food is very tasty!

You will find it Aiolou 51

Falafellas in action
Falafellas in action
Falafel pocket
Falafel pocket

Indian at Mirch

Near Monastiraki square this cozy Indian restaurant serves Indian souvlaki. Chicken tikka with mixed vegetables and special sauce all wrapped  in a naan bread. It is mostly for take away but there are some seats available on the top floor. In Mirch you will also find a big variety of beers from all over the world.

You will find it Ermou 109

Mirch Indian Cuisine
Mirch Indian Cuisine
Street food in Athens Indian Souvlaki
Indian souvlaki

Food Street

A small shop centrally located near Monastiraki square serving burgers with homemade ingredients. They also serve fantastic fried potatoes accompanied with a variety of sauces, fish and chips and hot dogs. There are some seats available upstairs but it is mostly a take away.

You will find it Kalamiotou 14

Burger at street food
Burger at street food

Whether you are on a budget or you simply want to grab something for the road you should consider trying all the above they are all tried by me and my friends and are all deicious.

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