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5 Important Tips on what to wear on your Charter Fishing Trip

Fishing can be fantastic, especially in the summer unless of course, you choose the wrong type of clothing. You should wear clothing that provides comfort while fishing and still protects you against the dangers posed by UV rays. All Rivers & Saltwater Charters said, “Today, the technology involved in the

Scott Whittle: Photo-birder

Scott Whittle, photo-birder supreme. My Introduction to Photo-birding In early June, Denise Ippolito and I visited Trinidad and Tobago thanks to the generosity of the folks at Caligo Ventures.  On the trip we met a young man named Scott Whittle. Scott was very personable and obviously a skilled birder. Never without his

Why are deadly extreme sports more popular than ever?

"Dario’s ready,” says Dario Zanon. “Three, two, one,” says Graham Dickinson. “Vive la France!” they both shout as they leap from the summit of Le Brévent in the French Alps and spread their wings to begin the Rock Star Line, one of the most dangerous routes in one of the

Chamonix Events

This weekend marks a special tradition in Chamonix – La Fête des Guides. This annual event honours the men and women who have made the mountains their life and their livelihood; the mountain guides who keep thousands of people safe every year, whether they’re climbing Mont Blanc in summer or