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Farewell to night? Light pollution reducing darkness worldwide

CLOSE LED and CFL lights last a long time, and they're cheap. But they're still not slowing the demand for artificial lighting. Video provided by Newsy NewslookNighttime lights along the Nile River in Egypt as seen from the International Space Station. The lights of Cairo

Who is Ratko Mladic, ‘the Butcher of Bosnia?’

CLOSE The former Bosnian Serb army commander has been convicted on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Video provided by Newsy NewslookA Bosnian woman arrives to offer prayers beside a gravestone at the memorial center of Potocari near Srebrenica on Nov. 21,

Our View: 8 reasons Arizona is the best place to be this Thanksgiving

CLOSE He thought it would be Arizona's landscape or its beauty. But that's not what makes columnist EJ Montini most thankful to live here. What's the best thing about living in Arizona? Opinion writers from count their blessings on Thanksgiving (and year round).Cartoon

Roberts: Ducey says Roy Moore should go. Meanwhile McSally and Ward …

CLOSE President Donald Trump has broken his silence about the allegations of sexual assault against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. When asked about Moore, Trump was quick to say 'He totally denies it.' USA TODAYLaurie Roberts: How strange that it's newsworthy when politicians