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Plane passengers reveal the weirdest and most awkward experiences they’ve had on a flight

There is clearly something about boarding a plane which brings out a lot of people’s inner eccentric.

Whether it’s the pressurised cabin, the excitement of going on holiday, the sadness at coming back home or the drop in oxygen levels in your blood is anyone’s guess.

While punch-ups and illicit trysts do occur in other more grounded locations, so long as no harm was caused, in-flight bad behaviour makes for a great story.

Selfies gone awry, inventive uses for sick bags and stomach problems are just some of the eyewitness accounts our readers have come forward with.

Sharing them below, they’re a strong argument in favour of staying at home this summer.

If you’ve had any holiday dramas, feel free to email, or fill in the form at the bottom.

1. Oral hygiene

On a fight from Toronto to London last summer.

“An elderly man in business class brushed his teeth at his seat after his meal, gargled and spat it all out onto his plate.

“Then he blew his nose with a tissue and threw it behind the seat of the passenger in front of him, in his sleeping space.” – John Keogh

2. Ready for a close up?

When flying from London Gatwick to Lanzarote:

“A young girl was taking a selfie on a plane I was on and the guy sitting behind her was accidentally pictured, too.

“The guy was absolutely livid and caused such a commotion.

Couple taking a selfie
There’s a time and a place for a selfie (Photo: Getty)

“The attendants said to the man he could move seats if he wanted to, but he refused and hurled abuse at the girl until she deleted it. This went on for about 5 – 10 minutes.

“I remember hearing loads of shouting and I felt a little nervous until I overheard what was going on when I looked up.” – Katie, Essex

3. This

“I saw a tampon applicator in the back pocket of a sea in front. I’m still wondering what happened to the tampon .

“It was a full flight, so whoever it was must have done it in her seat because I didn’t see her get up, but I knew exactly what it was when I saw it sticking out of her seat back pocket.” – Karen, Phoenix

A woman holding two tampons
Karen still has questions about the tampon (Photo: Getty)

4. Overhead baggage

On a flight with a British airline in December:

“The air hostess moved a passenger bag from one overhead space to another and then proceeded to ask every passenger whose bag it was and to tell them she had moved it.

“No one claimed the bag so everyone started panicking, myself included.

“This was the first time I had flown by myself so was already nervous.

“The flight attended then started shouting down the plane they were going to throw the bag off the plane and then there would be a thorough check because this was now a ‘terrorist threat’.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you on a flight? (Photo: Getty)

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“My insides sank. I could have literally let my bowels go there and then.

“Anyway, after another few minutes of shouting at the plane, a middle-aged woman shouted that it was her bag. The lady whose bag it was had been asleep with her headphones on (before take off had even begun).

“Safe to say, she wasn’t the most loved passenger on the plane that day.” – Rebecca Pearson, Sunderland

5. Air rage

Flying from Houston to Gatwick.

“When we landed (on-time), and after the engines were turned off, everyone got up and checked the overheard bins for their storage luggage.

“About five minutes after that and before anyone could disembark, I felt a push behind me and a 20-something girl saying ‘please could you let me by?’

“I replied l that I wanted to disembark as well, but there was a line ahead.

“She became very forceful, kicking me and elbowing me. She tried to force her way around me, but I politely asked her wait for about 40 more seconds and we can ALL get off properly.

One air hostess got a little more than she bargained for with a stray bag (Photo: Getty)

“She did not like that response at all and again kicked me in the thigh, this time painful. She then kneed me in the groin after which I doubled over.

“At that point, a British passenger who had been seated in front of me said, ‘sorry for my countryman’s rudeness’ and snatched her three bags out of her hands, including her purse.

“He then asked the other 15 rows of passengers to pass the bags to the back of the plane where they would be collected soon! The young girl was, needless to say, furious!” – Charles R Cox, Texas

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6. Headache

From Birmingham to Gran Canaria, December 2015

“A child was allowed to bang the back of my seat and hit me on the head. When I complained to the parents, they said my wife and I were ‘nasty people’.

“We did say they were at fault for not controlling their child as we had been listening to them shouting at the child for four hours.” – Paul Arundell, UK

Boy kicking woman's seat on plane
Kids will be kids, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying (Photo: Getty)

7. Mile high

Travelling from Canada to Heathrow with Air Canada.

“About five years ago my parents and I were travelling to the UK to celebrate my parents twenty-fifth anniversary. We were seated in the middle three seats.

“I was on one of the outside seats and noticed to my left two passengers getting quite cozy with each other.

“I thought they were involved. To my surprise I found out they were strangers just getting along.

“Long story short, the two of them throughout the flight joined ‘the mile high club’ and indulged in a bottle of alcohol they had bought in duty free before we had left.

“When they started getting loud I told the flight attendant who said, ‘Now I’m really annoyed, as I’VE been giving them alcoholic drinks as well’.” –

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