The foodie community are inspiring a love of good flavour in the average eater. So much so that there isn’t much of a marginalised ‘foodie community’ anymore, in one way or another, we’re all into good food. Sure, some people have a better understanding of what makes a great resturanra great, but as a whole we’re broadening our taste horizons more than ever.

Have you ever experimented with flavours out of your fridge? For the non-chefs out there, this usually involves taking a bite of two foods at once and laughing with your mouth full. A side effect of this game is finding weird food combinations that taste amazing.

Refinery29 have put together a definitive list of weird food combos that you wouldn’t expect to work. Here are the ones we actually agree with…

1. Broccoli and Wotsits

Like a modernised cauliglower cheese, these little concoction adds a little crunch to everyone’s (my) least favourite vegetable. You don’t even have to use Wotsits! Any crunchy/cheese crisps can be used as a topping.


2. Hula Hoops & Chocolate

The new era of comfort food has arrived and the sweet-salty revolution will be televised. Through some ready salted hula hoops into some metled chocolate and nutella, draw the blinds and don’t let anyone judge you for our taste choices.


3. Steak and Coffee

The best way to stop your heart: combining caffiene and red meat. However, by rubbing your steak with coffee or making a marinade will give your beef a much gamier taste.


4. Spaghetti and Marmite

This one comes to Nigella Lawson (so you know it’s good). Obviously this doesn’t go with bolognese but throwing some butter and marmite in with some hot pasta makes for a delicious and easy dinner.

Image credit: Rex

5. Avocado and Chocolate

This is a next level Brunch manuever. Avocado on toast with a dollop of nutella, yes please! Avocado chocolate mousees are already incredibly popular so expect this combo to start taking various forms.