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This Neglected Mother Pays Back Her Kids

Rosalie Tremblay, a 79-year-old woman, is a happy mother again – recently all her 11 children started showing their love and devotion to her. She has always been a caring mother and devoted all her life to her big family.

Five years ago a tragedy knocked on her door – Rosalie’s husband died in a car accident. The woman could hardly survive this loss, and it was the time when she needed her kid’s support the most. But all of them were too busy with their own lives – some had families, others were building carriers, or lived in other cities. Somehow none of 11 children could find the time for their mother.
Alicia Wilson, Rosalie’s neighbor, and a close friend commented this situation for Day Break Times: “I’ve known Rosalie and her family for my entire life. She’s a nice person and a good mother. She abandoned her nursing career to take care of her kids. And then the time has come for them to take care of her.”

But all her 11 children saw this situation in a different way. All together they discussed the matter and decided that their mother needed ‘professional help.’ So, without hesitating, they picked up a Caring Center and took her there. And then they forgot completely about their mother’s existence. None of 11 children visited her at least once during all those years of loneliness. It was Alicia and a couple of relatives who came to see Rosalie from time to time, but not her kids.

For better or for worse the situation changed completely one Sunday morning. Rosalie got a letter from which she learned that she was a very rich woman! At first, she thought it was trick, but then she realized that it was for real. Her deceased husband, who used to be a stockjobber, had a bank account with a huge sum of money, about which no one knew. And Rosalie was the only one who could dispose of this money.

The woman decided to donate most of the sum to the Senior Care that became her home now and substituted her family. “I don’t know what to do with all this money, and I don’t need that much. I hope it will help other lonely old folks like me to find some joy and happiness in life. These poor neglected people really deserve it,” said Rosalie.

We couldn’t get any comments from the kids, probably because they feel ashamed and do regret about their indecent attitude towards their mother. Maybe this will teach them some compassion and be thankful for the life their mother had given them.

At Day Break Times we decided to cheer up this nice lady and presented hew our annual subscription. Hope she enjoys it!

Tell us what you think about it – has Rosalie done the right thing?

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