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Dark energy tests prove science is right about the universe

Reidar Hahn/Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory The results are in: As best we can tell, the universe clumps and expands just how we thought it did. That confirmation comes from the first results of a five-year survey wherein researchers took dark energy into account, observing much more recent cosmic activity than previous

Your next craft beer might be named by a neural network

LightRocket via Getty Images Researcher Janelle Shane has used AI to come up with names for paint colors, metal bands and guinea pigs in the past. She's even used it to generate wonderfully weird pickup lines. Now, she's turned her AI naming capabilities towards beer. While writing about her neural network-generated paint

Open-world adventure game ‘Rime’ comes to the Switch this November

Tequila Works Tequila Works' highly-anticipated indie game Rime, formerly planned as a PS4 exclusive, is also headed to PC, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While some were worried the open-world adventure would cost more on the Switch (it won't), Rime will still take longer to arrive on Nintendo's portable console.

Uber Freight schedules loads for truck drivers in six more states

Reuters Staff / Reuters Uber's purchase of Otto provided the ride-sharing company with a beachhead to get into the trucking business, an entrée to the autonomous car industry and a bit of controversy. The resulting Uber Freight was announced last year, and the service intended to help truck drivers connect with