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‘Graduate’ 50th anniversary: On the hunt for Mrs. Robinson in Berkeley, Calif.

"The Graduate" movie posters hang in each of the 144 rooms at the Graduate Hotel Berkeley.(Photo: Dan Fellner)BERKELEY, Calif. — Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.December marks the 50-year anniversary of the release of “The Graduate,” named the seventh best American movie of all time by the American Film Institute. The film,

Meteor Crater: Arizona’s other huge hole in the ground

The Holsinger Meteorite, on display at the visitor center, is the largest fragment ever discovered of the meteoroid that created the crater.(Photo: Scott Craven/The Republic)Arizona is best known for its giant hole in the ground, a feature that became the state's license-plate slogan and has etched itself into the hearts of tourists around

Looking for an easy hike in Sedona? Try Canyon of Fools

Mescal Mountain can be seen along the Canyon of Fools hike in Sedona.(Photo: Mare Czinar)Canyon of Fools might be the weirdest hike in Sedona.Located in the Mescal Mountain cluster of trails northwest of town, the route's keynote feature is a gnarly, half-mile walk through a red-earth labyrinth. Unlike other red-rock

Popular Apache Jii promises to be a pageant of colorful sights and sounds

Crown dancers perform at Apache Jii.(Photo: Apache Jii Day)On Oct. 21, historic downtown Globe will transform into a lively celebration of Native American culture when the 34th annual Apache Jii event gets underway.Ellen Kretsch, executive director of the Globe-Miami chamber of commerce, said the event will feature plenty of entertainment, arts