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NBA’s Adam Silver can now fine teams $100K for resting healthy players for national TV games


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NEW YORK – NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will have authority to fine teams at least $100,000 for resting healthy players in high-profile games, such as national TV games.

Silver and league owners said that such practice constitutes “conduct prejudicial or detrimental to the NBA.”

Among other situations Silver will monitor, according to the NBA:

  • Absent unusual circumstances, a team should not rest multiple healthy players for the same game or rest healthy players when playing on the road.
  • In situations when teams decide to rest healthy players, the players should be visible and available to interact with fans.

“It ultimately is my hope that the rules go in the drawer and that teams step up here and see that there is a larger obligation to our fans, to the basketball community,” Silver said.

Last season, the league had several instances in which teams rested players that would’ve resulted in a fine under the new rule.

“The owners all understood when we were discussing them that sort of the devil is in the details here in terms of how it is we will enforce them, and we’re going to do our best,” Silver said. “But my hunch is that once we see them in operation, we’ll be back having
additional discussions as to just the right way to calibrate it.”

“But at the end of the day, it comes down to our teams. It comes down to a sense of obligation our teams have toward the league that they’re a part of.”

UT Sports reported in August there would be punishment for resting healthy players.

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