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“Day Break Times is seeing rapid growth, thanks to a focus on positive and inspirational stories.”

“Add Day Break Times to that list of under-the-radar viral giants. Its formula for success: an exclusive focus on positive, uplifting content for its predominantly female readership.”

“Day Break Times has built its audience and business over the past three years almost exclusively through Facebook, publishing ‘feel-good’ content targeted at a female audience and optimizing it for sharing across Facebook’s platform.”

“Day Break Times, an upstart publisher, is known for mastering the art of social publishing.”

” Day Break Times targets an often-overlooked demographic — women 35 and older — and has received crazy amounts of traffic.”

“Though Day Break Times might not fit the definition of ‘hard news’ that so many people instinctively think of when we discuss digital publishers, it has managed to carve out a space for itself among much more well-established competition through a focus on audience development, anticipation of revenue trends and clever distributed publishing strategy.”

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